What is a DiGA

Mika is an official DiGA (prescribable and reimbursable digital health application) approved by Germany’s Bfarm.
Mika is the first and only DiGA with an approval for all cancer types: 89 ICD-10 codes
Mika meets extensive requirements as mandated be the BfArM. The BfArM approval procedure includes testing of the DiGA for:
  • Safety
  • Functional suitability
  • Quality
  • Data security
  • Data protection
DiGA manufacturers must demonstrate the efficacy of their application.

First DiGA for cancer patients

As a DiGA, Mika can be prescribed by physicians and therapists. Statutory health insurances cover the costs for Mika.
  1. After patients receive a prescription for Mika, they submit it to their health insurance company.
  2. The health insurer then generates an individual activation code that is provided to the patient.
  3. After entering the code in Mika, the app is fully activated for 90 days.
  4. Fosanis is reimbursed from the respective health insurance company.

Alternatively, cancer patients can directly contact their health insurance and ask for an activation code without a prescription.